Review: Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Shadow Collection

Today's post is going to be on the beautiful Too Faced Summer Eye Pallet. This pallet came out this year in the summer collection and as soon as I heard about it I new I wanted it. the down side though is it is not available in the UK, I reserved this is a swap I recently did with Christine from Starry Eyed Beauty. To see what else I got click hear. 

Too Faced say: " Dive into this limited- edition, resort-inspited eye shadow collection! Capture the sizzling seduction of summer with beachy bronzes and browns accented with the vibrancy of worm coral, pink and refreshing aqua. Three how- to cards are included to ensure you'll transformed into a tantalizing tropical tease!"

The packaging to this pallet is so cute and pretty. As it is summer themed it is lade out like a beach with all the shells then on the back its designed like water. The pallet is also an amazing size so you could easily fit this in your hand bag.

This pallet also comes with three different look cards (just like all the too faced pallets) a classic a day and a fashion. My favourite one is the classic though. These cards are very nice to have if you are a beginner in makeup but of coarse you can make up your own look as well.

The inside of this pallet is just as pretty as the outside, With the sea affect. As you can see the colours are very beautiful and range from a pretty day look to something i would weir to go out at night.
This pallet is priced at $36 US and $46 Canadian so it is cheaper than a lot of other pallets but is not the cheapest thing in the world.

The colours in this pallet are :
                Sugar sand- Light frosty Rose pink,
                Plumeria- Bright Vivid Pink,
                Cocoa Beach- Plummy Brow with shimmer.
                Peach Fuzz- Light Pink with lots of shimmer,
                Coral Crush- Orange coral with gold shimmer,
                Chocolate Sun - Dark Rich brow with silver/ gold shimmer
                 Sunbeam- Yellow undertone white with gold shimmer,
                 Mermaid- Blue aqua colour,
                 Toasted Coconut- Matt medium brown.

The colours are very beautiful I really like the coral crush as it complements my blue eyes.

So I have the swatches but the colours in the photos don't come out as good as they do in real life. I also apologise as I was cold as you may be able to tell in the photos.

(Day- Sugar Sand, Plumeria, Cocoa Beach)

( Classic- Peach Fuzz, Coral Crush, Chocolate Sun)

( Fashion- Sunbeam, Mermaid, Toasted Coconut) 

So the colours are very summery which I have been loving lately.

Pros: An ok price 
      Grate Pigmentation
      Beautiful packaging 
      Can fit in your hand bag
      Small so easy for to find storage 
      Grate selection of colours
      Look cards.  

Cons: Not Available in the UK
       Not the cheapest thing in the world

This pallet is amazing and i would most defiantly recommend it to everyone who can get there hands on it. there will be a Too Faced romantic eye review later this week as well.

let me know if you have any requests and if you have ever tried this pallet before.



  1. Love this too faced collection, I would love to see a tutorial on this :D the colours are great for summer :P xx

    1. i love them so much a tutorial will be coming very soon :)xx

  2. Lovely colours and I like the pigmentation too, nice review xxx

    1. thank you. love too faced now :D xx

  3. This is a pretty collection. I like that the cards are included as well as the colors for three "looks" it takes the guesswork out of it! Looking forward to your review

    1. there all pretty :) it will be up probably Wednesday as i have other posts to do as well :) xx

  4. Loved the shades..very pretyy , do share some EOTD's with the palette Elysa :)

    1. yehh i will do. i wont be able to till i get home from spain but there will be some up after that :)xx

  5. Replies
    1. i totaly think you need to get this pallet and thank you for getting this for me xx

  6. the colors are so tropical and fruity >.< can't wait to see what looks you come up with!

    1. i will post a tun of diffent looks after my holiday as i had to pack some of my stuff and i have other posts planed for this week.

  7. Loved the review, i'm following :) x

  8. Such a lovely palette!! Too Faced is one of my favorite brands, I wish I could afford to buy their products!! xx Menia

    1. maybe you can ask for something for your birthday or Christmas. i will doing a big giveaway at 1000 were i will give away a too faced pallet to you can always enter that, x

  9. I haven't tried any two faced yet, definitely think all their palettes are gorgeous though! :)

    Jayde x

    1. you should try them there really good x