Urban Decay Review/ Eyeshadow collection

Update - As of the 6th of July urban decay have decided not to sell there products in china there fore they will not be doing any animal testing. Thank you urban decay for taking everyone in to consideration. 

Today I'm going to do a review/collection on my urban decay eyeshadows. Urban decay was the first "high end" brand I ever tried. Urban decay is on the more pricier side but the pallets are a good value for money as you can get up to 15 eyeshadows for about £36 so its not to bad if you think about it that way.

Eyeshadow Collection

I have a total of six eyeshadow pallets from urban decay but only two of them are still available to order on debenhams in the UK.

Urabn Decay Book Of Shadows No.3

  •  Perversion: Deep matt black
  • Uzi: Giltter full White 
  • Loaded: Supper dark green
  • Kush: Grass green
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: glitter packed gold champaign
  • Last Call: Pinky Purple
  • Rockstar: Dark muted purple
  • Money: Silver with hints of green
  • Hight: Dark Blue with green
  • Maui wowie: clear gold with lots of glitter
  • Smog: Dark bronze
  • Bordello: Pink Champaign
  • Radium:Dark midnight blue
  • Snatch: Light Yacky pink
  • Suspect: light bronze
  • Psychedelic sister: clear purple

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows No.4

  • Blue Bus: Blue/Purple
  • Gunmetal:Dark silver
  • Cobra: Brown/Green
  • Baked: Orange gold
  • Bender: Dark Grass green
  • Gravity: Dark Purple
  • Lost: Browne bronze
  • Hyjack: green blue with lots of glitter
  • Midnight Cowboy: Light gold
  • Sin: Clear champagie
  • Midnight Rodeo: Brown with pink hints 
  • Cristal: Light Baby blue
  • Bust: Brown with purple undertone 
  • Missionary: Light brown with pink undertones
  • skimp: skin toned pink
  • Zaphyr: White 
Urban Decay Naked Original

  • Virgin: Light Skintone
  • sin: cleer Champaign
  • Naked: Light Brown
  • Sidecar: Glittery light pink brown
  • buck: Matt mid toned brown
  • half baked: Glitter full Gold
  • smog: Copper with lots of glitter
  • darkhorse: Dark drown
  • Tosted: Pink mixed with brown
  • Hustle: Deep brown
  • Creep: black Blue
  • Gunmetal: Silver Blue

Urban Decay Naked 2

  • Foxy: Matt White
  • Half Baked: Very glittery gold
  • Bootycall: Pink white
  • Chopper: Pink Gold
  • Tease: Purple undertoned gray
  • Snakebite: Copper gold
  • Suspect:: silver brown
  • Pistol: Gray with glitter
  • Verve: Light silver
  • Ydk: Dark pink Champaign with LOTS of glitter
  • Busted: Purple brown
  • Blackout: Matt Black
If your wanting to see a review on both naked pallets click here 

Urban Decay Peacock Pallet (un known name)

  • snatch: pink/ orange
  • Mildew: clear grass green
  • Flash: Purple 
  • Painkiller: bright blue 
  • Smog: Gold bronze
  • Toasted: light copper
Urban Decay summer loves 

  • Flash: Purple
  • Moui wowie: Clear gold with lots of glitter
  • Chopper: Pink gold 
  • Smog: Gold Bronze
That are all the urban decay shadows I have and the colours are really pigmented but do have some fall out issues. I will not be buying urban decay again as I dont find them as good as mac and they are now going to be selling in china where they will be testing on animals, this does not usually bug me BUT urban decay puts on all there products "we don't do animal testing. How could anyone" This bugs me as there doing something they claim they dont believe in just to get more money. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to check out the giveaway me and Forever glam x are hosting right now.


  1. Wow you have so many :)
    I'm also bugged by the animal testing in China... I've been told by companies that they have to pass the countries laws to sell their products. My response to that is why give in to their horrible laws just to make money? :(
    Oh well, otherwise I love Urban Decay :)

    1. i know i really dont understand why they have doun this

  2. You are super lucky, I only have the UD naked but you are right about the "value for money thing", they are truly amazing to work with!!

    1. there really nice but the fall out on the glitter and shimmer is anoying to me

  3. Great Collection, Im loving Last call, might try and get my hands on the palette with this in, I dont mind paying the price for the full set but I dont think I could pay for a single one :-)


    1. i know single ones are so expensive £14 for an eyeshadow is bad even mac is cheaper and i belevie mac eyeshadows are better as they dont have fall out. x

  4. i have the same palettes as you: the UD 3 and UD 4 and both naked palettes.
    such good deals!!
    awesome value for money. love them :D:D i really should pull out UD 4 and use it more often!!

    1. yehh i should use them more but i tend to reach more for my mac shadows as there easy. im just angary with urban decay and dont think i will buy anything else from them (for a little wile at least)

  5. I really want the naked palettes :(


    1. the naked pallet is good but i think is a little over hyped x

  6. I want to buy my first UD pallet, which is your favorite?

    1. i think the urban decay naked pallets but then what do you like the urban decay naked original has more brown colours and naked 2 has more gray toned colours. you could also cheek out my review on the naked pallets if that would help you decide between them